Commvault Activate™

Information risk and value — revealed. Commvault Activate™ is an insight toolset for utilizing your data in business, search, discovery and governance contexts. Commvault Activate can help you overcome your data governance and compliance challenges.

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Turning data risks into rewards

2020欧洲杯分组赛程 One integrated toolset for reducing risk and optimizing compliance — making it easy and efficient to go above and beyond.

Uncover risk and value, then act on it

  • Find and remediate sensitive data spillage across live systems and backups
  • Identify and manage compliance-related content
  • Extend privacy regulation compliance enforcement to unstructured data and email
  • Profile live data sources to ensure you’re protecting everything that needs protecting

Clean house, improve performance
and save money

  • Easily identify and remove obsolete data
  • Give data owners visibility into their own storage consumption
  • Facilitate chargebacks
  • Separate data that may require retention from data that is safe to dispose of

Achieve true litigation compliance readiness

  • Proactively manage employee data
  • Reduce or eliminate your search and collection burden
  • Enforce defensible deletion polices
  • Radically reduce hosting, processing and review costs

Control cost and risk in the cloud

  • Take advantage of content-aware data pruning, prior to migration of massive data sets to the cloud
  • Identify sensitive data sprawl to mitigate risk
  • Know what data you have, who uses it and how frequently to optimize your cloud strategy

Commvault Activate: Analytics driving efficiency, reducing risk

Turning it up and turning it on

Ready to flip the switch on business outcomes, with maximized data value and minimized risk? Commvault Activate solution’s enforced data policy and governance has the unparalleled ability to collect and protect data from across your organization. And did we mention that Activate extends cci-usa.complete Backup and Recovery with a layer of analytics, workflows, and pre-built solution accelerators that allow you to know what data you have, contextualize it, apply rules to it, protect it, and use it. Oh, it’s on.

Value props

Analyze data from backups, archives or from live sources

Control risk and cost on-premises and in the cloud

Improve performance and accountability with enterprise-wide insight

Leverage your backup environment as a data lake

After installing the content indexing and search feature, I no longer dread the email requests from the legal department.

– IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Government Organization
Keith Townsend, co-founder of the CTO Advisor, discusses Commvault Activate with Commvault Field CTO Aaron Murphy and Director of Product Management Patrick McGrath during CommvaultGO 2019.

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